Date: 18th August 2016
Pvc Waterstop
1.Introduction PVC water stop adopt PVC as a main material, possessing favorable flexibility, durability, ageing-resistance and weldability, added injection pipe and injection hole in two side end of water stop, i.e. added holistic sealed second waterproof line. New highlights of LW water stop as following greatly improved the waterproofing of construction joints.2.CharacterHigh performance, corrosion-resistance, aging resistance,?high?strength,?high tear resistance welding on site easily and fast, joint quality is good. Design of setting?hole on both strip side makes mounting easily and accuracy. Grouting through injection hose on side to repair leakage at construction joint or concrete joint economically. Test the mounting result by water-pressure test on site. According to requirement of projector available?offering water stop of various specification3.Tech. DataNo. items index 1Tensile strength (Normal Temp.),Mpa, ??122Elongation?ratio?at break,%, ????2503tearing strength, Kn/m ??404? ???Bend at low Temp.-205Hot air aging ?80??168h?% ??conservation rate of tensile strength?at break80% ??conservation rate of elongation?ratio?at break70appearance of 100% elongation?ratioNo cracks6?10%Ca(OH?2 ? ? ??168h? ? ? ?Alkali-resistant% ??conservation rate of tensile strength?at break80% ??conservation rate of elongation?ratio?at break804.Scope of Application?Widely used in waterproof of concrete joint and construction joint of concrete structure, drainage works and tunneling, such as?industrial & civil underground construction?, tunnels, sewage plant,?water conservancy, metro etc.5.Installation Design of setting?hole on both strip sides makes mounting easily and accurate Insert two injection canals?into injection hose?of two sides end?on water stop, one?piece for injection?pipe,?another for exhaust, span 5m~6m. Avoid placing nozzle within 1m of water stop joint, draw both nozzles outside. Heat and melt water stop?by welding tool, keep it horizontal then press. Fix water stop?horizontally, both sides up sweep 20?~25?to ensure good connection with concrete. Sufficient vibrating?concrete?of?both sides ?on ??water stop, don?t excess vibrating & ?omit vibrating, vibrator don?t contact water stop. According?to circs of locale make sure scheme,?material & injection pressure,?to reach the best result.6.Storage?During transportation and storage, keep away from sunlight. Prohibit from contacting oil?paint, baleful?solvent etc., insulated from heat resource; prevent machine & steel bar damage water stop Guarantee period:?12 month7.Package20m/roll
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