Date: 18th August 2016
JS Coating
Product introduction JS coating is a kind of two parts waterproof coating?which is a composition of polymer emulsion and inorganic power. It is a new type of waterproof coating that bears excellant performance owing to the introduction of foreign advanced technology and the integration of high elasticity of organic materials and durability of inorganic materials.Character Carry out construction directly on many kinds?of wet?and dry?material?s base. Non-toxic, Non-polluting, applied?to drinking water?project High intensity, high ductility, excellent durability High bond strength between coating layer and base layer? Easy operation, safe and short project time limit Can mix a variety of color products according to the need of engineering designTech. Data Num.Test?ItemTechnique DataIII1Solid?content?% ????????????????????????????652Drying timeSurface drying time,h ?????????????????4Hard drying time,h ?????????????????83Tensile strengthMpa ????????????????????????1.21.84Elongation?at?Break?%??????????????????????????????200805Low temperature flexibility-10? ? ? ?No cracking?6water tightness?0.3Mpa,30min?ImpermeableImpermeable7Mpa ?Bond strength???????????????????0.51.08anti-permeability?Mpa ???????????????????????0.6Application Roof waterproofing or repair , especially the slope or complex surface Waterproofing of underground building, metro, garage, tunnel, cave depot Waterproofing of swimming pool,drinking water pond, waste water treatment system and other reservoirs Waterproof and moistureproof of building wall, washroom ground Waterproof and maintenance of concrete structure?stadium bleachers, colorful rolled steel plate of roofConstruction?points 1.Tools: hammer, chisel, broom, steel wire brush, platform scale, mix cask, mixer, roller brush, brush, scraper, scissors, etc.? 2.Base surface :?plat, firm, clean, water invisble 3.Detail Enhancement: work a?cloth two coating additional layer?on coat convex & concave corner, tube root,?draining outlet, deformation joint, defect joint,etc. 4.Mixing: ?put the powder into the emulsion little by little?according to the required proportion, ??low-speed mixing?to uniform?and?no mass 5.Coating operation Weigh accuracy ,Mix ingredients uniform, no stack, coat next layer when the previous one getting solidify.Coating Temp. should be?above 5?,8 hours before raining,water storage?test?48 hours?later?after solidification.Storage?Shelf time: 12 month stored in cool and dry places. Package Liquid component: 50kg/barrel Powder component: 21kg/barrel
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